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Every Pic is a Time Machine 

Sure the future has yet to be conquered, at least in the physical realm, but we can go back in time through imagery and footage captured in the past.  Any good picture from a time long ago is an instant transportation device, giving us a glimpse of something otherwise inaccessible to us.  Motion pictures can do the same, however, similarly to the vision of a movie or theater production, it tends to be more of an interpretation by a director and actors, rather than your vision of what might have just…Read more

Origin Stories 

Yes, the title is plural because there are many stories of origin, even within a singular individual.  Mine, for instance, is born of several pivotal moments that have each contributed a branch to the trunk, or foundation of my origin.  There is something honest about not having to pinpoint a single instance of one's origin, as if to break down every moment and draw back to it somehow.  I do, however, look at choices made and perspectives gained often as a result of these origins, thinking that they would…

This is Life 

  For anyone who has ever thought back to times when the future was just an inescapable inevitability of accomplishment, only to find that it is in fact only what you make of it, here is what I have learned.  Destiny is ever-changing and in order to meet it, you must also be adaptable to be able to thrive, yet even survival can be filled with pain and sorrow as you forge ahead.  Never forget, this is life and there is no tomorrow, yesterday is only a memory and today is slipping away with each breath.  But…Read more

Time is of The Essence 

I know it has been a long time and it pains me to think about it when I can't avoid it.  I think there are times in everyone's life when their dreams take a backseat to their reality.  It isn't pleasant and often feels quite depressing, but it is an inevitability we cannot ignore.  We have to fight for our dreams, they will not just rest on our shoulders and make themselves obvious when we have dreamed long enough.  I had to come to this realization once again as I break out of this 2+ year slumber.  There…Read more

Steam Punk 

Interestingly enough, punks apparently take on various forms and functions depending on the time and space you refer to. There are even those that exist in alternate realities in parallel universes. Steam Punks and Cyber Punks are some of my brethren, yet I tend to be more of an amalgamation, a bastardization of the intertwined souls of these Punks having gone beyond beyond and found OverHorde at the end of darkness just before Oblivion's Abyss. These things pour out of my mouth and gush out of my pores…Read more

They Are Only Words 

They are only words when you think about how many holes there are in your bible, the timelines, the impossibilities, the lack of any substantial evidence that any of it actually occurred in reality and all of the evidence on how the life as we know it really came to be. I have read science texts and felt the same feeling you speak of because I once believed, it is comforting and warm, but it is nothing but a mental projection based on your continuous bombardment of scripture. It is the same rush you get…

2012: Is this Really the End? 

Every few years or so there is another prediction that is to come to pass and end the world as we know it. This year however, is the big one, the really big one. That is one reason I live life as if there will never be a tomorrow because yesterday is gone. Today is all you have, so live like it and you won't have to worry about when the world ends. Truthfully, it really only matters when you end if you want to be technical. Even if you believe in an afterlife, other than being delusional, you are also…Read more

After Life 

People all over the world believe in some sort of afterlife, some sort of existence beyond this one in one way, shape, form or another. The possibilities are endless, and although it is fascinating to think about, we must not loose sight of the life we have, the only life we have that is beyond conjecture and theory. It is the practice of life that one should focus on in order to find fulfillment. Your purpose is to live, for better or worse, to make something out of yours that will not go unnoticed even…Read more

"Come Test Me You Fucks" 

I am destined to go against the grain. It is an uphill battle to challenge and conquer what the mainstream deems appropriate or normal. Just as I was told growing up when I would rarely get a C on a report card - "you're not average." This, as with anything else is a state of mind, which like anything else, if programed in at an early age will be ingrained in the mind and remain prevalent throughout one's life unless it is stricken with something so overpowering to the mind, body and soul it shakes the…

The Future is Here 

The Future has finally arrived and it is a beautiful display of horrible things that come for you when you are at your weakest.  You refuse to give in yet you are not willing to fight any harder than you need to in order to survive the dispair.  It is grim, but nothing to compare to Post-Apocalypes.  It is the beginning of the end of everything you know and love in favor of a glimpse at the impossible that you might find at the edge of darkness is the brightest light.  You will not see it with your eyes…Read more

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